Our repair service covers the whole Galaxy range of smartphones including the latest Galaxy S7 Edge, S8 and S9+. We keep all parts in stock so you can get your beloved Samsung fixed at your convenience, and as we have a walk-in service there is no need for an appointment.

If you're looking for a high end repair to match your high end Samsung Galaxy phone you've come to the right place.

What separates us from the competition

  • We now offer an extended "no quibble" 18 months warranty on all Samsung screen repairs.

  • We have the edge with our sharper skills, expertise & 12 years experience.

  • We only use original Samsung Screens for our repairs and guarantee a perfect fit every time.

  • We offer an expert screen replacement within 15 minutes with no prior appointment.

  • Our crack team of technicians are renowned in the industry for quality workmanship.

  • We have our own free car park and there is ample free street parking surrounding our store.

Your Local Samsung Galaxy Repair Experts

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have now been released and we have them in stock for sale and we also carry all the Screens in stock for the entire range of colours. We have already rescued several Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge from total destruction and now and are able to carry out most repairs under 30 minutes. The S6 and S7 ranges are very similar in many ways so our technicians expert knowledge from all its predecessor kicks in giving a perfect repair to all the Samsung's they encounter including the latest Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 Edge.

shiny galaxy s7 edge silver

All Our Prices are Inclusive of VAT
VAT No: 192 136 315

Samsung Screen Repair Prices

Galaxy S Range

    • S9
    • £ 280
    • S8
    • £ 250
    • S6 Edge
    • £ 170
    • Galaxy S6
    • £ 150
    • Galaxy S5
    • £ 120
    • S5 Mini
    • £ 110
    • Galaxy S4
    • £ 120
    • S4 Mini
    • £ 90
    • Galaxy S3
    • £ 90
    • S3 Mini
    • £ 75

Galaxy A Range

    • A3
    • £ 140
    • A5
    • £ 140
    • A3
    • £ 120
    • A5
    • £ 135
    • Galaxy A3
    • £ 115
    • Galaxy A5
    • £ 130
    • Galaxy A7
    • £ 150

Galaxy Note Range

    • Note 4
    • £ 150
    • Note 3
    • £ 120
    • Note 2
    • £ 100

Screen replacement is just a fraction of our services, please call our store for further information.

We Replace Samsung Screens at Galactic Speed

Our unorthodox edge intails samsung AMOLED displays installed clinically achiving a factory finish

We Excel at Curing All Samsung Galaxy Symptoms.

All our parts and repairs come with 12 months warranty

our premises

It's no secret that we repair Apple products, we have however been quietly repairing Samsung products for many years. These brilliantly constructed smart phones are easily some of the most reliably built this past 5 years. It's true the Galaxy range can take a hammering and some serious abuse before they display any noticeable signs of wear and tear.

We only work on your phones on a clean repair bay, ensuring standard of workmanship.

The most common fault we encounter when repairing this range of phones is the screen replacement. These have a very different design to other manufacturers and will usually require the entire front unit of the phone to be swapped out. This includes the outer bezel, glass digitiser and inner LCD along with a plastic frame that holds everything together.

Glass Screen Protector Being Applied

All our Replacement Screens are Original Samsung Parts

Sourced from South-Korea with authentic part numbers

Some shops will be replace only the outer glass, this method is not recommended as it will inevitably leads to chips in the plastic frame, heat marks and other heat related damage to the inner LCD. We prefer to replace the entire front unit; this ensures your phone will look like new after the screen replacement.

In terms of complexity this is a fairly straight forward repair, however this repair should still only be entrusted with a professional technician. We have seen time and time again low skilled technicians make a mess of these repairs, typically we see the wrong tools used to pry open the device, damaging the plastic bezel.

We also see incorrect reassembly of the device leading to signal issues, crackling speakers and missing parts due to plain laziness.

The Only Repair Facility Of its Kind In the UK

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the repair process.
You can call us on 0113 259 1500, or email us here: info@iphonerepairleeds.com
Our address is: 122 New Road Side, Leeds, LS18 4QB.
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