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We offer a very quick service for the entire range of Nokia Lumia Phones, you can see the table below for a full list of supported Models.

We offer a very quick service for the entire range of Nokia Lumia Phones, you can see the table below for a full list of supported Models.

While you might not think there is much more to say about a screen replacement other than the price, surprisingly there are many variables to consider which are listed below.

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Nokia sneaky part rejection algorithm

It seems Nokia have very deliberately introduced software based authentication for their touch screen parts to determine originality and a bizarre time delayed rejection of the touch screen. What this means is you could take your broken Nokia Lumia screen to a local repair shop have a new screen fitted, it work for a few hours and then suddenly stop working. This is Nokia new sneaky software based check coming into play.

The hunt for genuine parts

Many parts listed for Nokia Lumia phones on eBay are replicas, these are exactly the type of inferior quality parts that Nokia have targeted with their software based checks. There are a number of ways these cheap parts differ from the Nokia branded part, they will never contain the x-black coating to the underside of the glass, and this is a crucial component of Nokia's industry leading anti glare, reflection and direct sunlight usability application. Without this coating, the screen quality is drastically diminished, and you will not be able to see your screen as clearly in direct sunlight.

Avoid Aftermarket Parts

Other differences are the touch responsiveness and lag perception is increased substantially on the copied screens, this means there will be a noticeable delay when swiping the screen, not something that is acceptable on a wp7 phone, which should always run buttery smooth due to Microsoft's use of hardware interface acceleration.

The quality of the materials used on the frame will most likely employ some kind of cost cutting, this makes the frame more susceptible to cracking and bending, exposing the glass to potential breakage. The Nokia original frame uses a high grade of plastic that exudes quality from its appearance and feel. This is the part we prefer to fit for our customers.

There are a few draw backs to using this kind of high quality part, Nokia keep their supply chain under tight wraps and only grant access to them by way of their official service centres. This makes the parts hard to get hold of and obviously increases cost substantially. We can promise the use of 100% genuine Nokia branded parts ensuring a perfect quality repair. We also offer a full 90 day warranty on any parts fitted.