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playstation repair leeds
playstation repair leeds
playstation repair leeds

We Excel with our Refined Skills and Expertise.

Xbox one and Playstation 4

PS4 HDMI Repair Specialist Service Within the Hour.

We are masters in the art of console repairs and are locally based in Leeds; Our Unique repair lab is one of a kind and recently been renovated to the highest of standard propelling it to the number one console repair facility in the whole of Yorkshire.

We focus on repairing all types of electronic devices and gaming consoles in the Leeds and Bradford area. Our technicians are fully vetted and level 3 qualified ensuring they are capable of the most strenuous of repairs pushing their skills to the limits carrying out surgical repairs on all the console and gaming devices. Our Store is a one stop shop for all your gaming and electronic requirements with our 20 years of experience and expertise in the gaming market.

PS4 HDMI Port now for £75

Gaming consoles can stop working for many reasons; here are the most common issues we encounter: Disc problems, No power, Switching off, Software crashing, Overheating, and Broken HDMI port.

Don't panic we are experts with experience and here to help. We promise to have you playing soon.
Call 0113 259 1500.

Below is a partial list of our game console repair services :

PlayStation 3 (PS3) :
Optical Drive Repair £55 to £85
PS3 Firmware £40
HDMI Port £60
XBOX 360 :
Optical Drive Repair £40 to £60
HDMI Port Repair £60
USB Port Repair £45
PlayStation 4 (PS4) :
Optical Drive Repair £80 to £130
HDMI Port Repair £75
Hard Drive Replacement £80 to £190
Power Supply Replacement £60
Optical Drive Repair £80 to £130
HDMI Port Repair £75
Hard Drive Replacement £100 to £210

Now offering a rapid PS4 HDMI Port repair service in Leeds within the hour.

Our huge store is fully equipped for perfection with the latest technology and high end gadgets available on the market. We have recently had a large influx of PlayStations that are regularly coming in for PS4 HDMI port repairs due to their fragility and the slight misuse of the HDMI cable can be catastrophic to the console damaging the HDMI port. The design faults of the PlayStation HDMI port is under scrutiny at Sony in Japan as we speak.

playstation 4 hdmi repair leeds

We have noticed customers are unfortunately pulling the PlayStation while the HDMI lead is plugged into the console causing the inner pins on the PS4 HDMI socket to bend and snap, if the cable is forced in the HDMI socket it causes further damage totally destroying the PlayStation HDMI socket as shown above.

Our PS4 HDMI Repair come with a 28 days warranty when using a replica port against 3 months warranty for the original Sony port.

Advise to customers:

Please do not attempt to plug in the PlayStation 4 and power it on while your PS4 HDMI Port is mangled together, this can cause a shortcut resulting in the HDMI Controller IC Chip (responsible for controlling the signal sent to your display through HDMI) to blow.

PlayStation HDMI Ports replaced the same day. Call our experts on 0113 259 1500.

We use the latest professional techniques to successfully repair all types of symptoms related to Xbox, PlayStation, and the entire Nintendo range.

We have been repairing consoles for the past 15 years and are so confident in our workmanship we offer a solid 12 months warranty with all our repairs. We offer innovative solutions for all your console needs at affordable prices with rapid turnarounds.

We are Expert PS4 Repair Technicians Repairing all Major Faults Includingn the Notorious HDMI Ports, YLOD and Disc Drive Issues. Put us to the Test we Guarantee Perfection

Facade of our Horsforth store.

We are based in a landmark building called Rose Cottage in Leeds Horsforth and have been in the repair industry for over 20 years. We are market leader setting the highest of standards in workmanship and affordability. We have the skills and know-how to tackle the most difficult of console repairs and our work is backed by a solid 12 months warranty.

We are Renowned in the Leeds / Bradford Area for our PS4 Disc Drive Repairs Offering Same day Repairs at Affordable Prices