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  Digitiser/Glass POA
  LCD / Inner Screen £100
  Home Button £50
  Charging Port £50
  Battery £45
  Speaker / Ringer £35
  Vibrate Module £20

Samsung Galaxy S3

We offer a 15 minute genuine Samsung branded LCD/Glass replacement for the S3 i9300, and i9305. We are able to accomplish this repair in this time due to the use of the original Samsung service pack screen. These come directly from Samsung and consist of a sealed unit containing the frame, digitiser and LCD. This also includes a new home button.

This shot illustrates perfectly that not only will your Samsung be worked on in a genuine repair workshop, but also given the care and attention it deserves.

Beware of companies offering this repair as a glass replacement only option, while this may be a cheaper way to repair your device we would never consider it a proper repair, let us explain why.

The main reason we do not recommend it is because copious amounts of heat needs to be applied to the device which can cause other problems such as burnt internal flex cables, or even cracked chips internally. You will also find any device repaired in this way will inevitably lead to the glass peeling away and falling off by itself after it is stuck on with adhesive.

We do not require any prior booking, you're free to turn up during working hours and we will fix your S3 screen while you wait in the shop. We offer you a 90 day warranty, genuine parts promise and excellent workmanship as standard, in fact you will not be able to tell your device has been repaired at all.

We are probably the only company in Leeds that is using genuine boxed Samsung branded service pack parts see below for a detailed description.

We were the first company offering an original glass replacement service for the Samsung S series of devices, now 3 years later after having conducted probably somewhere in the region of 3,000 screen replacements, we can not only offer you an exceptionally quick service, but also an unrivalled degree of expertise and experience ensuring your device gets the dedications and attention it deserves. Our Engineers are so intimately familiar with the S3, that they are able to repair practically every fault that may occur,

One of the most common faults besides a screen breakage is the "sudden death" syndrome, this is caused by the CPU microcode becoming corrupt resulting in the phone no longer turning on, we now have the equipment to repair this fault allowing us to resurrect your Samsung where it wasn't possible before. We do not send the device off to a remote centre; your handset will only be worked on in our repair centre. We also fix crushed and loose micro USB charging dock connecters, turn around on this repair is only 45 minutes and does not require prior booking.

Samsung Service Pack Parts.

Unfortunately some companies are using refurbished screens and claiming them to be original, you should always asking to see the original packaging from the phone, a refurbished screen will not come with a Samsung branded box with hologram.

Our boxes screens are 100% original, and are shrink wrapped, you will instantly recognise that the part we have used is Made by samsung as you will notice no difference in picture quality or usability.