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Our experts technicians are trained in the Art of Data Recovery. You may have unfortunately lost Data from your computer, laptop, mobile phone, USB or various other storage devices due to a failed Hard Drive, water damage in the device, connectivity failure or various other faults.

We promise to recover your data usually the same day or within 24 hours; but unfortunately sometimes we will need more time and we will inform you. For further information related to retrieving vital documents and photos from unresponsive devices please call into our store and speak to an expert who will be happy to assist.

Most of our customers have either lost valuable work related documents or prized family photos. Our company in renowned in the repair industry; We have mastered the techniques of data recovery over the years propelling our company to become a market leader with advance knowledge and expertise in recovering data from types of devices such as laptops, PC, Apple Mac, Mobile Phones and Tablets.

We recover your lost hours of work

We can also recover data from mass storage devices such as hard drives, USB sticks, cameras, memory cards and the internal storage on all mobile phones. We have a very high success rate with data recovery and don't charge extortionate prices like many of the on-line companies you may encounter on Google search. Our service is fast, affordable and local to Leeds and surrounding areas.

You can just call into our store and discuss your options with one of our experienced advisors.

Macbook Pro Retina Data Recovery


When dealing with sensitive data even the most careful users and businesses can take all the necessary precautions to ensure their data is safe, but unfortunately failures still do happen and if you are faced with this predicament we are the best qualified team to help with our vast knowledge and expertise; we can lead you data to salvation.

We offer specialist data recovery services for all types of devices. Whether you are a business or individual user, our team will offer you the best possible solution. We can rectify all types of dilemmas you may encounter with the loss of your data in an adequate time frame that suits you: The customer.

We are the best at what we do, we are not the average run-of-the-mill data recovery service, we take great pride in recovering data on all types of device from small iPods to high-end Gaming Machines, nothing is impossible for our crack team of technicians.

We usually charge a fee for our services depending on the time we have spent looking at your device to check whether it is possible to recover any data at all. This initial check is only to cover our engineers cost for the time spent on the device (or carrying out minor repairs to get power to your device; this is crucial in performing any data recovery).

We will always quote a no obligation price before carrying out any type of data recovery.

The whole process of recovering data may take a few days depending what kind of device you may have, but upon booking any device in to our store the on hand tech-wizards will inform you about our procedure and answer any questions you may have.
We take great pride in our work, and it gives us tremendous pleasure when we recover lost data for our customers in their time of need. Our reputation supersedes us and most of our customer comes from recommendations and word of mouth.

You data is in safe hands with us, we comply with all the regulation involving data protection, our company has been in business for over 20 years with an excellent reputation and track record.