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 Screen   £120
  Charging Port   From £60
  Battery   £50
  Microphone   From £60
  Sound   £45
  Headphone Jack   From £60
  Home Button   £45
  Power Key   £50

Introducing at Galactic Speed the Clinical Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Repair

We are one of the few companies offering a screen change for the Samsung galaxy S5, the procedure it still a while you wait type fare, and of course we will be using the genuine Samsung branded display unit to replace your cracked or damaged digitiser. A high end phone like the S5 deserves nothing less, and because out technicians are highly experienced, you are guaranteed a flawless finish to the repair.

Galaxy S8 repair leeds

This entails no unsightly chips or marks, trapped dust speckles or other indicators of a low quality repair, out techs are strong proponents of Karma and in order to maintain a healthy amount of it, we pay particularly attention and focus primarily on making sure the customer is happy with the end result.

Because this unit is original, you get the full colour spectrum of Samsung renowned AMOLED display in all its splendid glory. We don't require you notify us in advance of the repair, you are to turn up during working hours and we will service your display while you're waiting.

We always promise the use of genuine Samsung boxes service pack parts so you are assured a high quality finish and your phone will look brand new and the replacement process also involves changing the bezel, the mesh grill, the front glass home button and volume keys.

Please beware that some companies are claiming their screens to be genuine when in actual fact they are using low quality parts that have been refurbished in China. This is bad for a number of reasons as it means that during the refurbishment process other faults can and will be introduced into the screen assembly. You could end up with a dodgy home button that was previously already on its way out since no new parts are used besides the front glass panel. You may even have heat damage marks under the glass after the refurbishment process uses extreme amount of thermal energy to heat up the front panel.

Convieniently Located in Horsforth, Leeds

We are the largest independent store in Leeds offering out-of-warranty repair for the complete Samsung range. We provide an instant screen replacement service for the finely crafted Galaxy S5. Our renowned technicians will not remove delete or update your software in any way ensuring you will be keeping 100% of your person data. We carry all Samsung Original Parts in stock (Part number available on request) and offer a walk-in service backed by a solid 12 months warranty. We have our own free car parking facility for all our customers travelling by car.

Our technicians will not compromise on the liquid-tightness seals on the Samsung S5

Samsung S8 LCD

Our engineers are also available on premisses to repair any hardware damage that may occur such as the on off button not working or if your speakers are damaged by dropping your phone. Water damage is a common fault with any phone and is most of time voids your warranty with you phone company. Our specialist staff will diagnose and repair the problem within a limited time and at a competitive price.