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Same Day Macbook Air Repair

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  LCD / Display £200

  Keyboard  £150

  SSD Upgrade £ CALL

  Water Damage £ CALL

Macbook Air

Most repair shops will not touch this device due to the difficulty associated with its constructing. We do not shrink from this kind of difficulty and our technicians are more than happy to help you resolve any problem you may be having with your MacBook Air.

  • battery replacement on macbook air 1st generation.

We offer screen repairs, Ram upgrades and Hard Drive replacements.

The screen repairs require special care and attention as the top unit is mostly kept together via copious amounts of adhesive. When we replace your LCD we will ensure the bezel is put back on perfectly, and that no other damage is done to any of the aluminium housing. Your Apple Mac should be returned to you in a new condition. We also offer a backlight fuse replacement service.

Be under no illusion that this is an easy repair, far from it, we would rank a screen repair on the difficulty scale an 8/10. Most shops will avoid isolating the LCD and change the the full top unit costing upwards of £400, we prefere to change only the broken component, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds. Of course we can change the full top unit if thats your particular preference. You can find detailed repair instructions and case studies on our blog relating to this repair, this should give you an indication of how we approach these problems here.