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What separate us from the competition

  • We are afforded the luxury of keeping in stock a high end ultra-sonic cleaner.

  • We have the edge with our sharper skills, expertise & experience.

  • We offer original manufacturer parts alongside the highest quality copy parts available.

  • We have the highest success rate in U.K. for liquid and water damage repair.

  • Our crack team of technicians are renowned in the industry for quality workmanship.

  • We have our own free car park and there is ample free street parking surrounding our store.

Your Local Water Damage Repair Experts

Our flagship store in Leeds was established 20 years ago. We are based in a famous landmark building in Horsforth called Rose Cottage with our own free car park in a vibrant parade of stores including Costa, Tesco, Subway, Pizza Hut and the famous Kobe Bar. We are a well established business with an excellent reputation for quality and affordable repairs in the Leeds / Bradford area.

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We Excel At Curing All Water Damage Symptoms

Our surgical lab technicians are masters in the art of restorative water/liquid damage work they carry out on a daily basis on customers devices. Our Water damage repair facility is fully Equipped with the latest industrial grade ultrasonic (residue free) cleaning unit. This top notch piece of modified equipment that easily allows the removal of tainted liquid, grease buildup and other dirts from the logic board (motherboard) of the device. This advance process will remove contaminants and acid residues that can be a detriment to electronic devices. Many other bog standard repair shops are not in possession of such advanced equipment due to the sheer cost of the machinery in question, and botched attempts by unqualified and ill equipped have-a-go heroes can cause more harm than good to your beloved water damaged devices.

Most water damage devices that come into our store don't display noticeable signs of life but don't panic our expert technicians will resurrect your precious devices back to their former glory.

We are exceptional with our skills, speed and revolutionizing methodology

If you do a search about water damage you will very likely come across many misleading articles about putting your iPhone in rice overnight as a quick fix, you should never attempt this as the longer you leave the contaminants inside your iPhone it becomes increasingly unlikely that we will be able to carry out a successful repair.

We will dismantle your handset, remove the logic board for a deep cleanse using a high-end ultrasonic cleaner to remove all residue of liquid damage. We then place your logic board in a miniature oven at a classified temperature to gently heat the board in the perspective to remove any remaining liquid and melt the solder to reseal any loose or dislodged component.After this procedure, we will be able to diagnose and attempt a repair on your handset. Due to the nature of repairing water damage we currently do not offer any warranty and cannot guarantee that it will be repairable at all. If you call into the store we will initially inspect your device, from then we will be able to determine if it is feasible to conduct any repair at all.

Turn-around times are also variable, if the water damage is fresh then chances are we will be able to repair your device the very same day, if the corrosion has already started to set in then it's possible your handset will take a number of days before we are able to give you an honest assessment on repair likelihood.

We have the highest success rate in water damage repair nationwide

our premises

Our expert technicians have been repairing and carrying out restorations work on water/liquid damaged devices for the past 20 years, we can guarantee the highest success rate with liquid damage on electronic devices with our state-of-the-art repair facility that is custom designed for the most intense liquid damage repair process. Our certified technicians have successfully repaired and restored 1000's of mobile phones, laptop and tablets with a 90 percent success rate.

We take a different approach to fix water damaged iPhones and Tablets, because we are a successful business we are afforded the luxury of keeping in stock a high end ultra-sonic cleaner, the perfect tool for removing contaminants from water damaged iPhones.

We offer a water damage repair service for all iPhones and smartphones currently in circulation, including the new iPhone X.

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