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20 Minutes iPhone X Screen Replacement

If you are thinking about purchasing the new iPhone X or are currently the proud owner of this device, you may find yourself in the inevitable position of damaging this slippery handset by either dropping it or being involved in some kind of unforeseen incident where the device is damaged in. We are here to help when this occurs and can have you up and running in a matter of minutes! We offer a walk in service with no prior appointment and stock all major parts for the iPhone X ensuring a rapid turnaround time with all repairs.

There is no need to book an appointment at the Trinity Apple store and pay for will happily guide you through the repair process and answer any questions you may have. Our prices are reasonable compared to the extortionate quote you will receive from the Apple Repair Service Centre in Leeds.

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Seamless iPhone 10 Screen Repairs

Not Just Screen Repairs…

We also offer many repair services that are not available at the Apple Store including Liquid Damage, Data Recovery, housing replacements and Logic / Motherboard repairs. Our technicians are highly trained with tracing faults on logic boards, replacing integrated components and FCP, coils, resistors and capacitors on all mobile phones including the complete iPhone series.

We currently do not have a price list for the iPhone X, but you can simply call our store on 0113 259 1500 and speak to one of our sales representatives who will be happy to assist. Currently the iPhone 10 screens prices are high and suppliers are demanding a premium for all iPhone X parts but we do expect these to drop in line with the increased demand combined with the cost of production. The price of the iPhone X screen will drastically drop as manufacturing of the AMOLED screen falls due to supply and demand.

A Cut Above

Minimal Downtime

We offer a personalized and professional service with the average repair time at around 10 minutes, we stock all major parts and offer a walk in service with free on-street parking just outside our store and a dedicated free car park for all our customer. Currently we would advise iPhone X customer to be vigilant and only entrust your device even for the most minute of repair work with trained professionals and experts like ourselves.

The iPhone X is a very delicate and costly device, and is significantly difficult to work on compared to its predecessors; the iPhone 6, 7 and 8 series. We offer a professional approach with every repair ensuring detailing on every device. We can assure you, your handset will come back to you in the same condition it was received in with no extra grazes or scratches.

We are unfazed with our skills and expertise. Apple has launched the iPhone X and we are the most experience and also duty-bound to offer a first class repair service. We have dissected a handful of iPhone X and replaced screen and other components on the logic board in the last 2 months. The internal components seem to be more compacted saving precious space and the logic board has been layered to allow way for a greater capacity battery leaving no margin for errors with any repair work. We can promise a class perfect repair service with expert technicians at hand.

The all amazing iPhone X has an extraordinary design with great features demanding a hefty price tag. This high-end device deserves only original or the highest quality parts for any repair work. We aim to facilitate and provide the highest workmanship possible combined with quality parts. Our experts technicians are available 10 hours a day to provide our customers an unparalleled repair service. All our repairs come with standard 12 months warranty unless otherwise stated.

Convieniently Located in Horsforth

Near Kirkstall

Our flagship store in Horsforth Leeds is conveniently located with its own private car park and free parking outside our store front. We are 3 miles from Leeds City Centre, close to Kirkstall Lights and within walking distance of Horsforth & Kirkstall Train Stations. We are located on the A65 headlining towards north Leeds from Kirstall Road to New Road Side, We are only 15 minutes drive from the White Rose Shopping Centre. We have the largest independent repair store in Yorkshire and are located close to Kirkstall Leisure Centre and Morrisons.

Trusted Technicians

Apple has made huge changes to its classic when designing the iPhone X leaving the aluminium clam shell and the simple detachable screen assembly behind. The iPhone X has evolved into a more desirable handset with an added liquid resistant barrier to avoid entry by all types of foreign contaminants including water, oil, creams… We make every effort to ensure all water proof seals are clinically replaced guaranteeing the original seal is fully intact on every handset we hand back.