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Same Day Mac Mini Repairs

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  Servicing £60

  Hard Drive Replacement  From £120

  RAM / Replacement Upgrade From £80

  SSD Upgrade £ CALL

  Water Damage £ CALL


The trusty Mac Mini very rarely will go faulty, the usual problems we encounter with these machines are faulty hard drives, and software related problems or blocked fans. We offer a same day resolution for either of these problems; we can also offer you a memory upgrades while were in there at competitive prices.

Should we need to replace the hard drive we always give you a full 12 months manufacturer's warranty. If you've been looking around for a suitable place to bring your Mac mini for repair, you'd be forgiven for being cautious, there are now dozens of websites vying for your attention, (often these are owned by the same person) Our tip to help you avoid using a low quality repair outfit, is to do due diligence on company, check their reviews and if they don't show you the interior to their business then this should be a big red flag and a sure fire indication that you want to avoid them.

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Our company has a long history with repairing Apple Mac, we are a genuine business with a genuine repair facility, to our knowledge there is no other company in Leeds with a workshop the scope and scale of ours. Even the Apple store does not have a suitable repair facility and generally will send off your device causing long delays in the repair procedure.

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