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Our most common services

Fast & Affordable Mac Repairs in Leeds

Keyboard Replacements

Has your Macbook Air or Macbook Pro's keyboard stopped working or are some of the keys not responding? Don't panic! The keyboard repair is in most cases an inexpensive repair and one of our tech guru can have it replaced in a few hours.

Fault Finding

If for some bizarre reasons your mac is not powering on or the MacOS keeps crashing, our mac technicians are fully trained in diagnostics and logic board repairs. Please call in as soon as possible and we will be happy to take a look.

Screen Replacements

We offer replacement screens for the complete Apple Mac range including MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and iMac. All repairs are carried out in-house and are backed by a solid 12 months warranty.

Battery Replacements

If your battery is draining fast or not holding charge at all, we can replace batteries the same day, while-you-wait.

Speed-up's & Upgrades

If you would like to speed your mac up by upgrading the RAM memory and the HDD we are here to help. Indeed, we stock all SSD drives and RAM for same day repair.

Data Recovery

If you mac is not booting or starting up correctly and you are worried about loosing your data, we can help by backing your data up or recover any lost data. Please call one of our tech guru for further information.

We are a VAT registered company with over 25 years experience.

Our technicians take an unorthodox approach with all iPhone repairs treating each individual repair with the care and attention it requires. Our award-winning restoration programmes are an excellent choice not to mention our 24 hours express service that was only available to our cooperate clients is now available to the general public, we promise to have your precious device turned around as fast as humanly possible. Please call into our store or call 01132591500 and a representative will be happy to assist.