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We are the largest independent store in Leeds Area and have been established in the repair industry for the past 25 years. We offer flawless MacBook Pro and Air screen replacements the same day. Our ultra-rapid services leave the competition standing.

Customers are usually in a predicament when selecting the most affordable and appropriate company to use for their mac repairs; we guarantee by selecting our company you are making the superb choice. Unfortunately we have seen many repairs that have been carried out by fly-by-night repair garages setting up on every street corner with so called experts but these are “Jack of all trades but masters of none” these perpetrators can completely damage your Apple Mac beyond economical repair employing unskilled staff.

Our experts are renowned in the repair industry for quality affordable repairs, we have literally seen it all over the years and can confidently show examples of poor workmanship carried out by other repair shops on MacBook totally destroying their precious logic boards. Unfortunately in most cases the work carried out by poorly skilled repair technicians is totally irreparable due to them intensively damaging components and track on the motherboard.

We Have the Skills to Salvage All Types of Liquid Damage

Our repair lab is fully equipped for perfection when it comes to water/liquid damaged MacBook's we use a fully modified industrial grade ultra-sonic cleaner allowing us to rapidly remove contaminants from the running gear and logic board without causing further damage . This process also removes grease built up dirt and other particles that may cause interference in the correct functionality of the damaged Apple MacBook. Our customised water damage procedure is closely guarded secret and has the highest success rate in the industry.

In most water/liquid damage cases the MacBook will not show signs of life but don't panic chances are we can fully restore it.

Forged For You

Our Ustensils and Tools Have Been Modified & Hand Crafted By Us
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    Not only do we have the largest most well equipped repair store in the UK, we also have the right tools to ensure a high quality job.

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    Now the largest repair workshop in the UK our shop allows us to work on your Apple Mac's in parallel reducing down time and guaranteeing a speedy repair.

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    Expertise & Knowledge

    Our Techs are intimately familiar will all current and vintage Mac systems, including iMac and Macbook Pro.

Our SSD Upgrade Program

We are now offering affordable upgrade options for the latest generation SSD's. The latest generation SSD have become an order of magnitude much faster and reliable (no moving parts) than the previous mechanical hard disk drives. We are the largest stockist of all major hard drives and SSD's offering sameday solutions with all upgrades transforming your mac's in terms of performance and reliability.

Our RAM memory upgrade for Mac have been discounted recently by up to 50% for most models.
Call our store regarding our performance upgrade packages today on 0113 259 1500

What separates us from the competition

  • We now offer an extended "no quibble" 18 months warranty with all original parts on all Mac repairs.

  • We have the edge with our sharper skills, expertise & experience.

  • We offer original Apple parts alongside the highest quality copy parts available.

  • We offer an expert screen replacement within an hour with no prior appointment.

  • Our crack team of technicians are renowned in the industry for quality workmanship.

  • We have our own free car park and there is ample free street parking surrounding our store.

Motherboard Repairs

Our expert technicians can repair all types of faults and mishaps from liquid damage to logic board level 3 integrated component replacements, we usually complete repairs with a 24 hour turn around time even with the most difficult of repairs. We are experts at LCD/screen replacements, RAM upgrades, SSD upgrades, keyboard repairs, software installation and trackpad replacements, We have great experienced and have seen various problems on apple mac logic board that can be rectified by our technicians with great ease. We also repair all minor or major general faults that can be caused due to general wear and tear. We are the best in the business, our tech gurus have been hand-picked from around the world for their expertise, experience and vast knowledge in the Apple Mac repair industry.

Damage to motherboard integrated components can be the result of various reasons such as liquid damage, power surges, overheating and general everyday use were the mac books have been knocked around a little.

Most of our competitors are not fully trained for the types of repairs and offer complete motherboard replacements that can be extremely expensive, £500 upwards . On the other hand, our expert technicians can actually repair logic board faults by replacing defective components on the existing motherboard resulting in an inexpensive repair service for our valued customers. Using the latest state-of-the-art technology, we can pinpoint faulty components and remove them clinically then with the latest high powered PCB microscopes at our disposal we are able to re-flow or replace ICs with great ease.

All our technicians are trained up to level 3 component repairs and are renowned in the repair industry for their skills and expertise. We also provide tailored solutions for all our corporate customers, please call our store for further information.

Beauty Preservation Guarantee

You Mac will leave our store in the same condition it came, after confirming your Mac has been repaired we will ensure your pride and joy is free of blemishes or any evidence of poor workmanship.
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Mac repairs are very different and incompatible with industry accepted best practices in the PC repair market. The construction on the MacBook is very alien to the cheap designs and cost cutting employed on run of the mill Microsoft based laptops. Anyone familiar with dismantling an Apple Laptop or Computer will have the opinion these painstakingly constructed machines were assembled in this unorthodox manor purely to maintain an aesthetically pleasing product, this has always been Apples primary motivation. The look and feel of the Mac is universally revered and respected. Sometimes it's hard not to suspect that Apple's design choices were partly used as a vehicle to force the respect of computer technicians and rival PC makers the world over.

We are the largest independent store in Leeds Area and have been established in the repair industry for the past 25 years. We offer flawless MacBook Pro and Air screen replacements the same day. Our ultra-rapid services leave the competition standing.

MacBook Screen Repairs

Customers who have unfortunately broken their Mac screens or inner LCD and are looking for a rapid service in the Leeds area don't hesitate to call into our store we offer a 24 hour turnaround service with most Apple Mac Repairs.

We offer a replacement new top lid unit at a premium for the entire Apple MacBook range. We also offer a significantly cheaper solution where our experts clinically replace the inner broken LCD using your original lid. Please call our store on 01132591500 and speak to a representative for further information. We have a state-of-the-art repair lab at our disposal with the latest mod cons ensuring all our repairs are carried out in a clean dust free environment. Our veteran technicians are simply awesome.

Enjoy Your Service Journey

Our Knowledgable And Highly Trained Repair Technicians Will Guide You Through The Simple Process of Our Service Procedure

Any of our the senior Apple Mac technician's will be able to passionately explain in great and minute detail exactly what they can offer you in terms of a repair without pause for breath and in perfectly understandable queens English. They will be able to recite in exquisite detail the history of a particular fault, what has been done by Apple in subsequent design changes to alleviant the fault, and the best and most cost effective way in order to resolve the problem.

Award-winning Repair Store

All our work is fully backed by a solid 12 months warranty. We use genuine parts for most of our repairs but unfortunately when these are not available we will use the highest quality parts available.

Our huge store has been successfully trading for the past 20 years in the electronics field with experienced repair technicians from around the world. Our skills have meticulously evolved over the years and now incorporate the fine art of Apple MacBook and Mac repairs.

Our technicians take an unorthodox approach with all Mac Books repairs treating each individual repair with the care and attention it requires. Our award winning restoration programmes are an excellent choice not to mention our 24 hours express service that was only available to our cooperate clients is now available to the general public, we promise to have your precious MacBook turned around as fast as humanly possible. Please call into our store or call 01132591500 and a representative will be happy to assist.

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You don't require an appointment, however it might be best to give us a ring before visiting us to verify if we do not have the part you require in stock.