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 Screen   £170
  Charging Port   From £60
  Battery   £50
  Microphone   From £60
  Sound   £45
  Headphone Jack   From £60
  Home Button   £45
  Power Key   £50

Introducing the Clinical Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Screen Repair

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has a premium quality design, which sets it apart from the rest of the S line products. However, it does not mean this new cutting edge smartphone comes without its flaws.

Many users have had issues with the finger print scanner and passwords, which seems to stem from a software bug. iPhone Repair Leeds have highly specialized staff who can diagnose software and hardware issues and aim to solve the problems there and then. The screen that accompanies the iPhone s6 Edge is curved; therefore, giving it that unique competitive edge.

Galaxy S8 repair leeds

We are the largest independent store in Leeds offering out-of-warranty repair for the complete Samsung range. We provide an instant screen replacement service for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the finely crafted Galaxy S6 Edge. Our renowned technicians will not remove delete or update your software in any way ensuring you will be keeping 100% of your person data. We carry all Samsung Original Parts in stock (Part number available on request) and offer a walk-in service backed by a solid 12 months warranty. We have our own free car parking facility for all our customers travelling by car.

Our technicians will not compromise on the liquid-tightness seals on the Samsung S6 Edge

Samsung S8 LCD

The unibody design also means that you can't replace the battery without physically opening the phone. Due to these advanced specifications, users have found that it is not easy to repair the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and therefore we recommend you seek a specialist support service to rectify any issues with the screen and body. Here at iPhone Repair Leeds we offers a host of highly specialised repair services and our highly skilled staff can repair any problems using their wealth of experience.