iPhone 7 Screen Repair | iPhone Repair Leeds

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The perfectly engineered and revolutionising iPhone 7 screen repair surgically performed in minutes.

The iPhone 7 is more evolutionary than revolutionary, yet it is the best iPhone ever realised. The latest aluminium alloy has been used to construct the housing making it almost impossible to bend under general use. The iPhone 7's predecessors (iPhone 5, iPhone 6 — housing / frame) would easy bend in your pockets, by sitting on it or dropping it causing faults with the display and damaging the logic boards. Our most popular iPhone 7 repairs are the screen replacement and charging ports. All carried out in less than 15 minutes.

When your screen is cracked, the water tightness of your iPhone is compromised. You then need to be careful when handling your device near water.

All our work is backed by a 12 months warranty

We will transfer the earpiece / speaker, proximity sensor and front camera to your new iPhone 7 screen within a few minutes. We also guarantee that the Touch ID will work every time. We stock all the current parts required for the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus repair. Our technicians can now replace charging ports, touch ID's, Batteries, Power Buttons, Volume Buttons and carry out full water damage repairs all the same day usually with 15 minutes.

Rest assured the screens and parts we use are of the highest quality available, you will not notice any sign of repair or contrast change with any of our repairs. Our team have been repairing mobile phones for the past 20 years and are one of a few VAT registered repair labs in the U.K.