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iPhone 4 Battery Repair

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  Digitiser/Glass £40
  LCD / Inner Screen £40
  Home Button £30
  Charging Port £30
  Battery £30
  Speaker / Ringer £30
  Vibrate Module £20

If you're looking for a replacement for an aging battery or faulty battery, you could not have selected a better company to facilitate a replacement part. This is one of the most crucial components of the iPhone; failure to source a good quality battery can lead to a myriad of potential problems for your handset.

We use a premium grade battery that will not soften up and deteriorate after prolonged use. The capacity and charge holding ability is top notch on our parts and we very rarely get any returns. We cannot stress how important it is to ensure you only have a quality battery fitted, there are so many low quality batteries out there it's often a potential minefield if you don't know what to look for.

Fortunately we take the guess work out for you, we have sampled so many different batteries that we believe the ones we use now are the best available. Some of the low quality batteries will degrade very quickly or worse, even catch fire! Save yourself a potential catastrophic failure of your handset by seeing us in store for a quick repair. Currently the turnaround time is only 5 minutes and you do not need an appointment.