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iPhone SE ( 5SE ): Model number on the back cover: A1662, A1723 or A1724

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iPhone SE Repair Procedure and Philosophy

Many iPhone 5s fans have been anticipating the release of the iPhone SE due to the size of the handset. Most run of the mill repair stores will be charging a premium for the iPhone SE screen replacement but our prices will remain the same as we believe in taking care of our customers and providing a reliable and affordable service to all our new and repeat customers. The screen replacement takes less than 10 minutes and you don't need any appointment as we provide a walk-in service. We only use original retina screens for the iPhone 5SE and guarantee to fit them to the highest of standards by our experts technician backed with a 12 months "no quibble" warranty.

We are the most highly rated mobile phone repair service in the Leeds area, our new state-of-the-art repair lab is one of a kind and has been modified to expertly repair most devices in minutes. Our technicians have the experience and skills to rectify all kinds of damage that may occur to your beloved devices.
Our repair philosophy is based around attention to detail, only using original parts and working in a clutter free environment, assuring your device is in safe hands and will be perfectly repaired and returned to you in pristine condition.

Our A team of technicians are versed in the art of replacing all screens within minutes. Rectifying other more challenging faults requires our technicians to delve into the minutiae with logic board repairs leaving the competition behind with their cosmetic repairs such as screen and battery replacements carried out in little shack with no consideration or respect for the devices they've booked in.
Our promise is your beloved iPhone will be returned in the pristine condition we received it in without any additional blemishes or scratches to the housing or display. This is due to a newly fabricated workstation now fitted in our state-of-the-art repair lab.

Due to the type of aluminium alloy used by Apple to construct most of their iPhone's it has become transparent that the grade of alloy used was vulnerable to bending and twisting, also known as "bendgate". This was highly covered in the media but has been rectified on the iPhone 5 SE, nevertheless bends still occur and cause irreversible damage to the iPhone.

Our technicians use a custom made machine especially designed and modified for twisted and bent iPhone's frames/housing, if your device is suffering from any bending symptoms please let a technician know beforehand and whether you are coming for a screen change or a replacement battery we will iron out any defects free of charge.

We provide a free cleaning service with every repair i.e. headphone jack, charging port, speakers, home button, etc... All these can be cleaned by our technicians while your phone is booked in for repairs with us. All you have to do is mention you would like to benefit from our free cleaning service upon booking and we will happily oblige.