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iPhone 5S: Model number on the back cover: A1533 or A1457 or A1530

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If you're unfortunate enough to have broken your iPhone 5s you can take solace in the fact it can be repaired practically while you wait, there is no requirement for an appointment, just turn up at our store and we will fix it on the spot.

You need not be concerned about any parts quality issues as we only use the highest quality screens available. This means you'll have the exact same slick and smooth touch responsiveness after replacement.

The iPhone 5s is like the Rolls Royce of mobile phones, despite the release of the iPhone 6, many of our customers tell us they much prefer the original iPhone 5S. Its lightweight and small footprint will ensure its continued popularity. The screen repair is a fairly straight forward and routine procedure for our technicians, this kind of familiarity comes easily after having conducted somewhere in the region of 9,000 screen repairs in the last year alone. Our methodical approach would be all for nothing if we didn’t have the parts to match our technicians skill.

We only use high quality LCD’s, please be careful when selecting a repair company, as many will claim high quality parts but actually fit low quality imitations, please see the video below of our parts undergoing a torture test. They are still glass and will still break if dropped on concrete will but hold up to repeated impacts much better than cheaper screens.

The LCD/Glass unit we use has been carefully hand-picked by our stringent quality control process, put simply the fit and finish is exactly the same as the Apple original. The part has the same oil coating to the glass, smooth home button cut-out and the same excellent colour replication courtesy of Apples renowned retina display.

If you are unhappy with the screen in any way you there is no obligation to pay anything, we feel this takes out most of the apprehension for first time customers.

We repair much more than just screens, we are able to rectify any fault present in this ever popular smart phone, prices are listed above.

We repair all faults, call for prices.