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iPhone 5c: Model number on the back cover: [A1507] 8, 16, 32 GB

We can repair the cracked screen on the iPhone 5c usually in less than 10 minutes and prior booking is not required at the iPhone Repair Leeds. Simple turn up to our repair facility and we will swap out your cracked screen in a matter of minutes. Screen quality, display colour accuracy and replication will be exactly as Apple intended. The 5c screens are some of the most impressive parts we use; you will be unable to tell your device has been repaired at all.

Our technicians carry out dozens of screen changes daily, so you are virtually assured a flawless repair. No missing screws, unsightly trapped dust, or other defects. Your device will be returned to you looking brand new.

We are one of the very few companies fitting an original high quality glass screen, the picture below illustrates perfectly the difference between our screen and the ones generally used elsewhere, and as the picture demonstrates the glass contains the oleo phobic coating, giving the water droplet a rounded appearance.

water droplet test showing the oil coating is present

It's the same effect you see on anything with a waxy coating, for example the leaves of a tree contain tiny micro pores called waxy cuticles that ooze an oily substance allowing them to repel water easily, this will manifest itself as rounded droplets on the leaves when it rains.

You may think this is not very important but allow us to explain, the oil coating that Apple use on their screens was specifically applied to help repel the buildup of grease and to aid the user with respect to adequately cleaning the screen. When this coating is missing, the screen will more easily scratch due to abrasion, and you will not be able to clean the screen easily which in turn interferes with the touch screens responsiveness.

The oil coating is just one way that different types of screens differ, there are a multitude of other differentiating factors that all combine to lend credence to any claim that a particular screen is high quality. We are proud to offer these kinds of superior quality touch screen parts to our customers, we very seldom see types of screens being employed by other businesses, where generally the main motivation is profit, and a reluctance to fit higher quality parts in situations where the customer might not ordinarily notice. (read more expensive)

poor quality screen with loose bezel

Some other indicators of a low quality screen ara bezel which will loosen and grandually peel away over time. As shown in the picture above, this iPhone 5 had an inferior screen fitted, typically we see the bezel peeling away over time which is the hall mark of a refurbished screen from china. We promise to only use brand new parts, that are factory sealed, preventing any issues involving the bezel falling off.