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iPhone 4 Digitizer/LCD Repair

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  Digitiser/Glass £40
  LCD / Inner Screen From £40
  Home Button £30
  Charging Port £30
  Battery £30
  Speaker / Ringer £30
  Vibrate Module £20

This is by far the most common repair we do; we have literally done thousands of these over the past year alone. The market is currently saturated with screens of varying degrees of quality, cowboy repairers completely unaware that the parts they are using are massively inferior to how Apple intended the screen to be.

This repair is an essential component to our business so it was absolutely imperative that the parts we use are of the highest quality available. We have sampled a great majority of what is available so we believe we are reasonably qualified to determine what represents quality.

Rest assured the screens we use are meticulous; this means they have the right level of opacity for the proximity sensor to work as intended. They will pass any water droplet test with flying colours, as they all have the oleo phobic coating to the glass. We will also replace your mesh grill at no extra cost.

The touch sensitivity will be exactly the same as the Apple original, including colour replication and vibrancy. See in store for a detailed explanation of how our parts are as close to perfect as you can get.

The Device also comes with an A5 processor; therefore, if you have any issues with the software we can diagnose and troubleshoot any issues. No appointment is needed and we have highly skilled staff on standby to deal with any queries