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We offer an expert screen installation

The latest handset from Sony is a major improvement over the Z2; the device is now shrouded in a luxurious metal frame not too dissimilar to the iPhone 6. This is the type of phone that is required if anyone is going to challenge Apples dominance, who have shown the reason for their success isn't just about technology, (the iPhone generally lags behind other manufactures in terms of tech)It's about the overall package, the aesthetics and software.

We only use genuine Sony parts

While android is still a long way off from being as refined as IOS, the look and feel of the device is in some ways superior to Apples offering, with an improved battery to boot. Sony is one of the leading battery suppliers in the world so you'd expect nothing less than a stellar charge holding ability, if anyone can accomplish it, its Sony.

This is a relatively new release, however we are still regularly asked to repair this handset, with the cracked screen being the main issue. We keep the Z3 Plus screen in stock so it shouldn't take longer than 1 hour to repair this device.