Sony Xperia Z2 Repair

Sony Xperia Z2 Repair

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  Screen £120
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Sony Xperia Z2

The Z2 was welcome release from Sony; the few issues that remained with the Z1 were finally ironed out leaving a handset that was few drawbacks. The specification was only marginally improved, but with the ability to record in 4k and an improvement of overall build quality the Z2 is a worthy successor to the Z1. The spontaneous screen cracking issue is no longer present, and the device has built in overheating prevention, with the CPU being throttled after a certain temperature is reached.

1 Hour Turn Around Time

As such we generally only see this device in for repair for cracked screen related issues. To keep costs down for our customers we prefer to fit the front display assembly only, this excluded the plastic frame and obviously means we need to bond the new display assembly with your existing frame.

There are many handsets that require this approach to fitting a new touch screen; it’s probably the most difficult aspect to get right Failure to fit the new screen flush and cleanly will almost certainly mean after prolonged use the glass will begin to peel away. Not something that would be good for our reputation so to guard against this we only allow our senior technicians finalize the sealing process to ensure longevity of the repair. The repair can still be done in only 1 hour with no requirement for any appointment.