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Sony Xperia Z1

The original Xperia Z c6603 and the Z1 marked a big change for Sony; they had finally separated the mobile division from Ericsson and were keen to catch up with Apple with terms of offering a competent smart phone, thus the Z series was born.

Sony have had a hard time reversing the negative connotations associated with their brand of mobile phones, as a repair company we are well aware of the many of hardware design issues that plagued the original Sony phones. For a time it seemed as if these problems would continue as the forums lit up with news that the original Xperia Z (C6603) would spontaneously develop a crack in the screen with no user intervention, initially Sony brushed off these accusations as rumours. Eventually Sony caved and began replacing these screens FOC to avoid more bad publicity.

We Can Replace You Screen in 1 Hour

Sony has emerged from those dark days with a handset we believe is amongst the cream of the crop, with an razor sharp 1080p LCD and water proofing the Xperia Z is a masterpiece in device engineering. If Sony can maintain this pace of improvement and technological advancement it won’t be long before they release a handset on a par with the iPhone.

Our technicians are experienced with the fine art of disassembling Sony smart phones and can replace a cracked screen on an Xperia Z C6603 or the refined version the Z1 for £120 including VAT, the repair should not take longer than 1 hour and we always keep the parts in stock.