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Refurbished iPhones and Mac's in Leeds

Our core purpose is to source the highest quality equipment to ensure our valued customers have occasion to acquire refurbished computers, laptops, smartphones, iPhones, iPads and Tablets which are as good or better than buying new but at a lower price.

refurbished imac and acer laptop

Our shop has been established for 15 years now, and we have been refurbishing laptop, computers and mobile phones from the very beginning. Since the emerging tablet trade with the release of the first iPad in 2010, we have been offering refurbished iPad and Tablets to our customers. We now became the leading company for all refurbished devices in the Leeds - Bradford area.

replacing iphone 6 screen

We always have a showcase of our refurbishment work in store for you to appreciate our work. We always keep in stock iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Phones and Tablets, Nexus Tablets, iPad, and much more. Our computer stock is composed of business -focused computers and laptops as well as home-focused ones. We also stock a few gaming computers for the most demanding customers.