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PC and Laptop

We repair all brands of computer, including Apple, Samsung, DELL, Sony Vaio and Lenovo.

We take a different approach to PC repairs, we focus on preventative maintenance, so if your computer is running slow due to a virus we will not only remove the infection we will also do everything possible to ensure the system does not easily suffer a re-infection. We are able to do this by applying all security patches released by the manufacturer and disabling potentially vulnerable applications that are unused.

  • More than just apple repairs, we also conduct work on all other types of computers and laptops.

We can also give you advice on which virus checkers to use, which ones we don’t recommend and why. Our company is fortunate enough to employ technicians who understand computer security, indeed I as the author of this web page have been engaged in the computer security field for decades and the policies and procedures we have in place to safeguard our customers were shaped by me over many years.

  • People trust us with their macs for a reason.

Virus removal and software related troubleshooting is big part of what we do but it’s far from the only service we offer, we offer a full hardware repair service for every type of fault imaginable. Including but not limited to Logic-Board, processor related repairs, hard-drive upgrades and all other discreet component replacements and repairs. Our store is not limited in size and with that advantage comes the ability to keep in stock the majority of parts we need in order to repair our customers computer systems the very same day and very probably the within a couple of hours.