Oneplus 6 Repair Leeds | Screen, Battery, Charging Port, etc...
  • Oneplus 6 repair leeds

 Screen £80
 Charging Port From £45
 Battery £45
 Vibrator £35
 Sound £45
 Headphone Jack £45
 Microphone From £45
 Power Key £35

A performant and low cost solution

The Legendary OnePlus One is constructed to the highest of standards competing with the likes of Samsung and Apple and that's impressive from a new independent company from Shenzhen in China.

Our enhanced knowledge and skill guarantee flawless results every times, we are so confident in our repairs we back them by a no quibble 12 months warranty.

We take great pride in our work and are masters of the OnePlus 1, due to the fact our technicians using the phone and absolutely adore it. When the phone was first released our software technicians began modifying the software with amazing results. We replace screens, batteries and charging ports frequently not to mention in depth logic board failure resurrections , our skills are legendry only a few in the industry can rival.


Our technician will surgically remove the damaged display unit from your phone using a pre-heated hot plate modified especially for the OnePlus series. We have figured out the correct temperature settings (which is a closely guarded secret) painstakingly ensuring no other components or circuit in your device will be affected by the heat. We will then carefully transfer all the running gear ensuring all the screws and component safety plates are put back perfectly. The whole Process and techniques used are clinical, many run of the mill huts in the industry have attempted these complex repairs and failed miserably, our technical team has rectified many bodged jobs carried out by other shops.


Our expert tech geeks can upgrade the software on your handset or replace it with any Android flavour you may desire . The OnePlus 1 comes with Oxygen OS installed on it by default from the manufactures but can be modified back to Cyanogenmod as this version of Android was very sought after, our technical team will happily assist in any software related issues you may have. Don't panic our technicians are well versed in new software installations and we promise to always advise you on the best possible solution.