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Asus Nexus 7 Repair Leeds

Nexus 7 screen repair for Leeds and West Yorkshire.

We keep all nexus 7 screens in stock for all models, average repair time is kept to less than an hour, and we only use the genuine original branded LCD display. The screen cannot be seperated from the digitiser so we have to replace the full unit.There are currently many different types of nexus screens available, most shops will purchase these screens from online auction sites like ebay, a great amount of parts coming from eBay are defective, its important your nexus is repaired by a company that is cognizant of these supply chain problems to save yourself the hassle of getting a faulty part fitted, and saving you the hassle of suffering a repeat visit.

The device does not use screws to hold the digitiser is place, the digitiser is glued in place, using an adhesive, because of this your tablet will require extra care when being sealed as there as there is a potential for the glass to come loose or peel off by itself.

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Screen Repair (2012) :£80

Screen Repair (2013) :£90

The replacement part we use is exactly the same as the orignal, it has high colour contrast and deep black levels, some of the poor quality immitations have reduced contrast and poor viewing angles. We will ensure that not only is your Google Nexus tablet repaired perfectly, but also returned to you with the a high qualfity screen fitted as standard.