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LG Nexus 5X Repair Leeds

We are world class engineers performing surgically enhanced repairs on all devices , we have been in the electronic repair trade for the past 20 years and have meticulously handpicked our technicians from all around the world based on their knowledge, advanced (level 1 logic board) skills and ability to carry out cosmetic repairs to a factory finishes. The Nexus 5X is a mid-range device with all the modern features and a fair price tag to go with it. Our technicians are extremely well trained in the art of Nexus repairs from replacing the ear piece to modifying the complete software on the handset. When it comes to repairs for the Nexus 5X we are your best choice with advanced skills and knowledge of the handset. We have replaced hundreds of screens, charging ports, LCD, microphones, batteries and carried out hundreds of logic board repairs on these handsets. When replacing the screen on the Nexus 5X we replace the LCD and the housing/frame as it is a factory sealed unit, this costs a little extra but is the best solution ensuring a factory seal and perfect replacement.

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We only use original parts sourced by our overseas sale team providing original nexus parts of the highest of standards for all our customers.

We have recently reduced the price of the repair due to the amount of broken Nexus's coming in for various repairs. The screen assembly we use is a genuine part manufactured by LG in Korea; this means you will notice no degradation in picture quality or any overall built quality difference. Prices have been reduced due to an increased demand for this repair. As always your repair will come with a warranty card giving you a full 90 day warranty and a full VAT invoice.


Screen Repair :£90

Charging Port :£45

Battery :£45