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LG Nexus 4 Repair Leeds

LG did such a great job with the Nexus 4, and it's the reason Google have been using them ever since. We are regularly required to repair this device with the most common repair being a cracked screen. Most shops do not keep the parts in stock because they consider the handset fairly rare, we prefer to keep our customers happy by being able to offer a fast service by ensuring we have all related parts on hand to quickly fit.

The glass unfortunately cannot be removed from the LCD without making a mess of the handset this leaves a complete display assembly replacement the only option for a reliable and high quality repair. Our Technicians have honed their skills by painstakingly taking apart and reassembling all smart phone devices since the Nokia N95, things have changes substantially since that device was released with often no margin for error.

nexus 4 repair leeds

We cannot stress enough how important it is to get your Nexus repaired by a reputable company, it is often very tempting to utilize market based traders for repairs with the price often being much lower. This is a high risk options with the hundreds of damaged gadgets we see on a regular basis most at some point, have been incorrectly repaired by these types of companies.

The prices on this page are current and correct at the time of writing this article, this may be subject to change at any time so it's always best to call us with regards to exact pricing. We have included the screen repair price only, for all other repairs please shoot us an email or call us on the main shop number for details.


Screen Repair:£80

Back Cover:£25