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LG G2 Screen Repair

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  LCD and Screen £100


Modern LG smart phones are using a different type of construction making repairing them the sole preserve of veteran technicians. We are uniquely qualified to work on your damaged or broken LG touch screen phone. Our technicians have carried out thousands of glass changes on these types of mobiles. We can promise a high quality service and more importantly, ensure no additional damage will occur to your smart phone while its being worked on.

The LG g2 has one of the most spectacular screens of any modern touch screen phone, so if you require its replacement it's very important that you only a genuine LG screen fitted. Many of the lower cost screens will be no match for the super clear and vibrant LG display. To save you any disappointment we only use the LG branded screen.

Our adhesive application and curing procedure will ensure you won't even be able to tell your device has been repaired at all. This means no visible gaps, backlight-bleed or other indications of a poor quality repair.