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iPhone Screens expertly replaced in 10 minutes

Our engineers are extremely proud of the new iPhone 6S Apple has introduced into the market. Apple has ironed out all the defects from its predecessor the iPhone 6. One of the major flaws in the iPhone 6 was the Aluminium-based frame which was prone to bending and twisting as highlighted in the media and on the BBC putting a major dent on Apple's impeccable reputation. This has been rectified by using an alloy of Aluminium and Zinc resulting in a military grade frame that will withstand extreme forces and ultimately never bend. Many other advances have been implemented to the 6s for example a faster processor and an improved battery life not to mention a better retina display in the screen and Apple's new innovative 3D Touch feature revolutionising the touch screen experience.


All faults repaired

We carry out all kinds of repair procedures to the iPhone 6S from clogged up charging ports to screen replacements on a daily basis in our Horsforth Store. All repairs are carried out by insurance approved technicians who have been handpicked from parts of Europe, due to their ability and experience in repairing the most difficult of faults. Our tech geeks are highly experienced and can repair the most impossible of damage/faults delving into the minutiae with logic board repairs or performing micro soldering on any device many in the industry will just simply turn their back on due to its complicity. Our technicians have the advanced knowledge and skills that are required with these kind of level 1 logic board almost impossible repairs.

We can replace the screens on the iPhone 6s within 10 minutes, our technicians have pre-assembled screen units ready to fit in your device. We offer a walk-in service, you can park in our car park or right outside our door and we will happily give you a shout when your device is ready.

We only use original OEM screens with our repairs, if we don't have them in stock we will advice you on the next best solution as an alternative but with Apple products we seldom run out of original parts or screens.


We are renowned in the repair industry for delivering quality repairs in minutes and using only the highest grade of screens. All our parts are vigorously checked prior to installation resulting in a close to zero return rate on all our repairs thus satisfy our customers' needs immediately . Our commitment to perfection is seldom duplicated in the repair industry. Our screens are the best available which are sourced by our overseas purchasing team for our precious customers.

We have been in the repair industry for over 20 years, our store is one of the oldest in Leeds and has an impeccable reputation throughout Yorkshire.

We delve into details and will guarantee you a flawless repair backed by a 12 months "no quibble" warranty. It is crucial you make the right choice in who you trust in repairing your beloved devices, our company should be your #1 choice.