iPhone 6 | iPhone Repair Leeds


We offer an expert screen installation

Our iPhone 6 service is designed around our customers needs; we keep all parts in stock allowing us to quickly replace any broken screen on each of the two iPhone 6 variants. Average repair times are currently under 20 minutes, being a new device we expect our technicians to eventually cut this turn around down to ten minutes.

After years of offering similar services for the iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and now Apples current flagship device the iPhone 6, we have learnt that our customers are unwilling to be without their loved one for a fraction longer than momentarily. We are able to bring your loved ones back to life with surgical precision and quicker than you can say “damn!”.

We also perform water damage repairs!

We Use Original Quality Screens

We only offer an original LCD and glass replacement at the moment, this is the reason the cost is currently much higher than the iPhone 5 although we expect alternative parts to become available shortly which should see the price reduced substantially.

All Our Parts Are Tested Prior to Installation

All parts are tested prior to fitting; this includes an inspection for dead pixels, unresponsive pixels and an overall frame and glass integrity check. The glass will also be polished with a repellency cream allowing the oleo phobic coating to last longer.

We Will Take Care of Your Loved One

A finely crafted device like the iPhone 6 deserves care and respect when being dismantled; while we focus on speed we are also extremely careful not to damage your iPhone 6 while it is in our store, our technicians wear special gloves and are armed with the correct tools to remove the front panel, many stores are still relying on old outdated methods when it comes to disassembly, these are the types of techniques which will inevitably scratch or contort the soft metal housing.

If we do not return your iPhone 6 is factory new condition then we automatically consider the repair a failure.

Please note there is another company using a similar slogan to our own that is based in Chapel Allerton, they are not related to us in any way. We are a genuine VAT registered company and always give you a full 90 days warranty with any parts that we replace.