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IPAD 3RD GEN. Repair Leeds

iPad 3 if you're looking for a service that can restore your broken iPad 3 to its former glory you're in luck as we offer the highest standard of workmanship in Leeds in terms of parts quality and repair reliability fit and finish.

Experienced Technicians

We mostly stick to a 1 hour turnaround time for broken or shattered glass touch screens, we are also currently the only repair shop to offer a full 12 Months warranty on our screen repairs.

How to correctly identify your Apple iPad 3:

Premier Company In Leeds For iPad Repairs

We were the very first company in Leeds to offer an iPad screen repair service. In just a few short years the once dominant Microsoft PC has gradually been replaced with Apples iPad tablet. Many businesses who once primarily offered PC repairs were the first to feel the pinch from Apples reinvention of what a PC actually is.

We are currently the only business in Leeds with an appropriate facility for iPad repairs.

Unfortunately many of these same businesses have jumped on the iPad repair bandwagon to make up for the shortfall. The upshot is unsuspecting iPad owners are in the problematic position of having to play roulette with their devices.

Repairing the iPad is not a straight forward undertaking, a slew of pitfalls awaits any inexperienced technician, the details pertaining to each would very quickly fill a book, so we will outline just a few.

Most have-a-go techs will probably use a heat gun to extract the old glass, any mishap with the heat-gun can cause catastrophic damage to your iPad, for example a melted and weakened bezel will no longer be able to form a cushion between the metal frame and the very edge of the digitiser, this has the knock on effect of allowing the glass to more easily crack.

On the iPad 3 many inexperienced technicians will undoubtedly end up causing a tear in the Wi-Fi antenna, or disturbing its proper function, resulting in a weakened reception.

If that doesn't convince you perhaps this will, you can take your iPad to be repaired at a shop that looks like the one below, our competitors may have fancy websites but they can't hide their premises.

Our store which we are proud of, is in a different league in terms of equipment, the skill of our technicians and a warranty period you can trust, many fly by night type temporary side street based providers will offer a longer warranty, but how can you tell they will still be there in a years time?

Our repair centre is the only one of its kind in the whole of the UK, we have invested heavily into our premises to ensure we have the advantage in terms of turn around times, the equipment our technicians need to carry our the job to high standard, and improve overall customer satisfaction levels.

We offer you not only a warranty you can trust, more importantly we are also VAT registered, this should give you reassurance that we have been trading for some time and that we are a legitimate business with a proven track record.

hundreds of screens

With tens of thousands of repairs completed we can confidently boast of being not only the most experienced business in the trade of mobile phone and tablet repairs, but also the most popular.