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Small, light and fast, Apple's new flagship iPad, the iPad mini 3 is very thin and very delicate piece of equipment. But nothing to worry about, if you do have an accident with you new iPad mini 3, iPhone repair Leeds is your one stop shop for all your Apple iPad and iPhone repairs.

iPad Repair Leeds

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You no longer have to pay extortionate amounts to have your iPad mini 3 repaired by Apple. The iPhone repair shop in Leeds will have your iPad mini 3 fixed in no time at a reduced cost. Whether its water damage, problems with the battery charge port or a broken screen, we aim to repair the iPad mini 3 with a professional touch.

Quality Service

Do not compromise the quality of your iPad's repairs by seeking a cheap shoddy service. The iPad mini 3 with its touch responsive screen and lightweight aluminium body needs extra care and attention whilst undergoing repairs. Our workshop in Leeds consists of highly qualified technicians who work in an organized and methodical manner, using the most current tools and methods of repair.

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iPad Repair Leeds

30 Minutes Screen Repairs

The most popular reason customers seek our help is the iPad screen repair service. We fix the screen without compromising the quality of the 7.9-inch Retina. Ensuring that customers can once again view their photos and data on a brand new screen. Our technicians do not need to trawl through your iPad mini 3's data. They just use a simple method of removal and restore the screen to its original glory by using parts which are exactly the same as Apple. This ensures that the iPad mini 3 retains its authenticity.