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Digitiser / Glass
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LCD / Display
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Home Button
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Charging Port
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Headphone Jack
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The iPad Mini varies significantly in its construction to all the other generation of iPads. The front glass panel is considerably thinner than an iPad 2 Glass for example. This also means any replacement part must also be the same thickness in order to accurately fit the bezel, this is the main reason it's very important to avoid low quality service providers as the part they use will not only be using inferior quality materials but will also break from minimal impacts due to the thickness limitation.

Original Parts

Our parts are exactly the same as the Apple original, same thickness, same opacity and touch responsiveness. We not only use high quality parts but also insist on going the extra mile so ensure a repair that will stand the test of time. A rush job is very likely not going to withstand a couple of months of tortuous use; repair reliability is always at the back of our minds. By using our repair service you are assured a high standard of workmanship a 90 day warranty and a full money back guarantee should you be unhappy with the repair.

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No room for error

The iPads Mini offers no room or margin for error, it really is a repair that should only be carried out by an expert, we do not practice on your devices, all of our technicians are highly trained and experienced, and due to the volume of repair we conduct you'd expect nothing less.