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Digitiser / Glass
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Very few companies offer this repair at the moment, there is a real shortage of quality screens available, with most of the stock suffering from defects or flaws in the glass. We have gone through the trial phase with our parts sourcing, the glass we use now is identical to your Apple original screen in every way, it has a smooth and slick home button action, correct shade of paint applied to the glass and excellent smooth touch responsiveness just as you would expect from an Apple device.

We have samples of our parts in store and we welcome (even encourage our customers) to compare the different grades of glass available. With the part we fit, you will find it feels exactly the same as the original, cold to the touch and the same smooth oil like coating intact and ever present on the surface of the panel.

ipad air screen repair leeds

We test all parts before fitting, so you are assured that no dead zones or other type of defect will develop after the repair. We have a lot of confidence in our parts and it's the reason we currently offer the industry defying 12 months warranty person.

Apples Liquid Metal Materials

The iPad Air uses Apples new liquid metal alloy for the outer housing, while this aesthetically pleasing it doesn't lend well to impacts and often times we see iPad Airs with crumple zones and other types of damage to the casing. This is no problem for our repair engineers and we will always carry out corrective work to ensure out digitiser fits perfectly.

ipad air repair leeds

Just like a professional car body shop would go about restoring cosmetic damage, likewise our technicians have the knowledge and experience to visibly reduce any glaringly obvious damage. We use an industrial grade vice with special contact points to prevent further damage and easily straighten out any badly warped aluminium frame. Our milling equipment can also remove obtrusive shards of metal; the last thing we want is our customers to get snagged on a jutting edge.

One of a Kind Repair Facilities

We were the original iPad air repair company in Leeds; as such after turning around more than 50,000 cracked screen repairs over the last 10 years, we are confident our technicians can handle even a completely trashed iPad Air. Our methodical and scientific approach is what has held us in good stead this past five years repairing high end Apple equipment and we looking forward to seeing you.

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As illustrated in this picture, your iPads and iPhones are worked on by an expert technician on a repair bay free of clutter ensuring a high standard of work.

With tens of thousands of repairs completed we can confidently boast of being not only the most experienced business in the trade of mobile phone and tablet repairs, but also the most popular.