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Huawei Nexus 6P Repair

We exceed expectations in the industry for fast affordable repairs

nexus 6p repair
Nexus 6P

We are renowned in the industry for our repairs skills, we often have other repair shops using our services for devices that are far beyond their comprehension and too advance for their level of skills, we are experts and renowned in the industry. The Nexus 6P made by Huawei is a amazingly sturdy and a well constructed device with a high teardown rate but don't panic it's a walk in the park for our team of technicians. Here at iPhone Repair Leeds we carry out precision repairs and can replace the touch screen and LCD within around 40 minutes.

Our tech geeks are always advancing their knowledge when it comes to upgrading or rectifying the software on any of the current Android phones. Whether you experience crashing apps or your phone being stuck in a boot loop, our tech geeks can solve any software issue you may encounter. Our technicians have a solid background in IT support and are always willing to assist. Our most common repair is Replacing the Nexus 6P high resolution screen, this can be performed within an hour and is backed by our recently extended 12 months warranty.

nexus 6p repair leeds


Screen Repair :£P.O.A

Battery Replacement :£60
12 months warranty

12 months warranty

For added peace of mind, we are one of the only store in Leeds to offer such a long warranty on screen repairs.

30 minutes nexus repairs

30 Minutes

We understand our customer rely mainly on their handset, for this reason we always aim to reduce downtimes.

nexus 6p screen repair

We operate a walk-in service, feel free to pop down anytime. We can also repair your device while-you-wait !

Rest Assured we have the skills & the know-how

The original Nexus screens we use are always in stock, our screens include touch screen and the LCD fused together at the Huawei factory, this avoids any trapped dirt or dust between the display and digitiser . During the screen replacement process we carefully transfer the running gear and logic board from your old device to the new frame/screen assembly and finally firmly put the back cover back in place.

We leave the competition standing

We are legendary in the repair industry, rectifying faults on all types of phones, our technicians skills are sought-after due to their ability to resurrect completely dead handsets with serious logic board faults. We guarantee to have all your devices fixed to highest of standards.