Galaxy Note 3 Repair

Samsung Note 3 Repairs

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  Digitiser/Glass £140
  LCD / Inner Screen £140
  Home Button £50
  Charging Port £50
  Battery £45
  Speaker / Ringer £35
  Vibrate Module £20

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The note 3 was a major upgrade from the previous model, the screen resolution was increased to an eye watering 1080p, the screen is the jewel in the Note3’s crown but also its Achilles heel and we regularly encounter users suffering from fractured or broken screens. There are two options available to having the screen replaced, and we only recommend a complete full unit replacement.

We only use genuine Samsung boxed parts

The alternative which involved separating the glass from the LCD is not recommended as it can never be resealed to a satisfactory standard; we pulled the plug on this type of repair a while back after learning that our customers were dissatisfied with the longevity and a less than perfect application of the front glass.

Our approach is not only much quicker than replacing the glass, but also comes with a 90day warranty, the screens we use are Samsung service pack parts which we will show you prior to fitting, because these parts are genuine you will not notice any difference in quality. The screen is the most impressive component on the note3 so compromising on its quality would be a disservice to the fine job Samsung did with this handset.

Other repairs that our technicians are trained in are speaker and charging dock replacements, water damage, headphone-jack replacement, LCD and all other potential faults, you can call us on the main shop number for prices for each repair not listed.