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Galaxy S4 Screen Repair

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  Digitiser/Glass POA
  LCD / Inner Screen £100
  Home Button £50
  Charging Port £50
  Battery £45
  Speaker / Ringer £35
  Vibrate Module £20

Samsung Galaxy S4

We are the quickest screen replacement service for the galaxy S4, we do not need you to make prior arranges before you come to our shop, you can visit announced and we will still be able to change your LCD in the S4 while you wait in our shop. Regardless of the type of screen damage, weather its bleeding lines, a cracked glass, no display or a white displays no problem. We approach this repair by changing the entire front unit so this means you get a new bezel, a new home button LCD and outer glass.

Please do not entrust your screen replacement with shops that promise a very low cost solution as all they are doing is using a hot air gun on your phone to peel the glass off, we don't recommend this method as it ends up doing more damage than good, when the UV glue dries it will start to take a yellowish appearance, and the glass will very likely just peel off and fall off by itself.

The correct way to repair this fault is to, is to use a genuine Samsung branded service pack screen, these are boxed and come directly from Samsung. This is the only method to ensure you S4 screen is fixed the correct way without blemishes or introducing any additional problems. I think you'll agree the S4 deserve to only have the original AMOLED screen fitted as anything else does not do this high end phone and justice.

  • We are required to do dozens of Samsung screen repairs on a daily basis.

The materials finish and screen quality on the service pack screen we use is identical to your original screen. We want you to be satisfied with the end result, so we insist on using these screens.

We repair much more than just the screens, we can also replace internal flex ribbons, speakers and charging docks while you wait. We have a long history with repairing all things Samsung, with this comes experience and we are able to draw on this type of experience from our veteran technicians, they have been in the trenches and encountered all faults, from water damage to camera module replacements we can offer you each and every repair.