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We offer a fast repair solution for most modern HTC smart phones. If your HTC is not listed above, just give us a call on the main shop landline number and we will get you a free estimate on your repair within minutes. Modern HTC's are considered by most repair technicians as some of the most difficult to work on devices. This is due to HTC's insistence on forgoing a modular construction and cramming the phone internals into an aluminium unibody.

Modern HTC Phones are tough to work on

This means it is no longer possible to rapidly disassemble a HTC smart phone, copious about of bonding material, and their zero gap construction means they have to be very carefully prizes apart to avoid doing damage to any of the working components.

We do everything to ensure a tidy repair

The aluminium unibody material is also an unforgiving material to work with and often ends up bent or crushed after a major drop. Bending it back into shape is a fairly arduous task that we have perfected over years of practise.

We only use genuine HTC branded parts

We are probably the only business in Leeds that tries to keep the majority of HTC parts in stock to allow a rapid replacement and minimise down time for our customers. Often we are able to repair your broken HTC the very same day and sometimes within the hour.

We only use the genuine HTC branded parts so screen quality issues and other types of potential defects will be avoided. We aim to return your HTC handset to you in pristine condition.

Starting with the HTC One, they set out to make a screen replacement impossible, they have now completely sealed the device together using a very strong adhesive (probably 3M's VHB) and trying to dislodge the front panel from chassis often results in cracks and chips in the white bezel running along the phones very edge.

We are pleased to announce that we are finally able to offer a screen change service for this very difficult to work on device. Most shops will not touch this device as they consider it more hassle than it is worth. We are very stubborn and will never shrink from any repair regardless of difficulty. You will also be pleased to know we will repair your device perfectly the very time we attempt it.

We offer these repairs as a means to showcase our skills and differential ourselves from the many self proclaimed repair experts. Ordinarily a repair of this difficult would command a hefty price tag but we have kept the price broadly in line with the cost of the replacement part.

Other HTC repairs we offer are the full range of Desire series, the old HTC wildfire, and of course the HTC One Mini and the new HTC One M8.