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Blackberry Passport

No doubt that bad things happen, but many problems may be solved rather easy and quick. The best example for that is a screen change on your Blackberry Passport. Many things may happen to the smart phone screen and this model is not an exception. If your phone falls, you sit on it, or your children play too enthusiastically, it may lead to certain problems and breaks. So, no matter if your screen is cracked, if it has some errors in an image shown, if it is completely white or black, there is a good and fast way to fix it.

All you have to do is to bring it to our service. There is no need to make an appointment and you won`t wait for days to get your phone back. In most cases, while you look around our store, your phone will be repaired. As a matter of fact, no matter what problem your screen is faced with, we will change the whole front part and only material we use are original Blackberry parts made specifically for your specific model. This ensures the best quality and longevity of your Blackberry Passport.

Repairing of the Blackberry Passport screen is complicated and requires extensive knowledge. First you have to remove covers on the upper and bottom part of your Blackberry Passport to reveal screws you have to remove. Then battery can be removed, as well as speakers. After removing the motherboard, there are no more obstacles to removing bottom keyboard and screen. Once it is done, a new screen can be placed and Blackberry Passport can be assembled again.

With us you won`t have to wait for an appointment, you won`t have to wait for us to fix it and you will have a full guarantee for all the materials and work on your phone. We can afford that because we use harmless procedures and original parts and materials which ensure your Blackberry Passport will be as good as new once you take it from our service. Since we work with these phones on a daily basis, we have a plenty of knowledge and experience to deal with almost every problem you can place in front of us. You can see that choosing us is the best possible choice.

Of course, broken screen repair is not the only thing we can help you about when your Blackberry Passport is in question. It is a fact that a broken screen is one of the most common damages when it comes to the Blackberry Passport, but there are plenty of other problems, such as malfunction of the charging port, different software problems and so on. In most cases, we can repair your Blackberry Passport same day. During that time you can visit the stores less than a minute's walk away. We can't emphasize enough that we use only first-class quality materials which are original for this model, all prices are listed in our price list and they are all VAT inclusive, so there will be no unpleasant surprises when the work is done. So, make sure to give your phone the best possible care and no doubt it will return to you with the best possible service.