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The Apple Watch is a new flagship product by Apple. It comes with a sleek design and some innovative features such as a heart rate sensor, the digital crown and a Sapphire glass screen.

The Apple Watch 2 comes with many built in apps such as a camera and messaging service as well as giving you the precise time without you having to set it yourself. It also comes with an S1 processor and as with most technology devices that rely upon software, there are trouble shooting problems and software issues, which can slow the reaction of certain features down.

iPhone Repair Leeds aims to provide a fast efficient service when it comes to diagnosing software issues as well as any repairs that may accompany the diagnostic. The Apple watch comes with a limited Apple warranty, so if you don't want to be hit with a hefty repair bill by Apple and if your watch is out of warranty, you can rely on iPhone Repair Leeds to ensure that your Apple Watch is repaired within a reasonable time limit and price.

We are experts in repairing water damage. No appointment is needed and any diagnostics that need carrying out will be done in-house for you.


apple watch edition repair

The Apple Watch Edition is a premium offering from Apple with its 18ct rose gold case and sapphire crystal display, it sets it apart from the other watches. With its hefty price tag and specialized features, it is important to note that repairs conducted by Apple that are out of warranty can be extremely costly.

iPhone Repair Leeds have highly skilled staff who aim to repair your watch in a more competitive price range. We deal with issues such as speaker repairs, water damage and screen repairs. No appointment is needed and we aim to diagnose any issue during your visit to the shop.