Acer Laptop Repair Leeds | Screen, battery, Hard Drive, etc...
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A performant and low cost solution

We offer the full range of services for the the Acer range of laptops, including the Acer Predator gaming laptop series.

We offer a same day repair service for Acer laptop models. We have many years experience dismantling and repairing computers, we can repair all aspects and potential faults related to laptops. This includes charging port replacements, graphics chip reflowing and software problem resolution.


Our main, dish in terms of repairs is the screen replacement service we offer, we are not the cheapest but we believe our superior service justifies the higher prices. Just like an established and high end restaurants charge significantly more than side street style kebab shops, the same analogy can be applied to the repair services industry.


We pride ourselves on the superior finish we are able to achieve, and our patented adhesive application process ensures you will get a long lasting repair. All Acer laptops are accepted regardless of age, we can swap out defective charging ports, replace screens and reinstall corrupted operating systems.

We have a large quantity of parts in stock allowing us to rapidly swap out defective parts ensuring minimal downtime for our customers. This negates the requirement to keep your devices in over-night.

 Screen From £90
 Charging Port From £70
 Battery From £35
 Keyboard From £50
 Sound £45
 Headphone Jack £50
 Trackpad From £45
 Power Key From £35