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  Screen/Glass £45
  Not Charging £45
  Home Button £35
  Battery £35
  Power Button £35

iPod Classic Repair Experts


One of the slickest models from Apple the iPod Classic, was released in 2001, its final generation had the largest storage size of any mobile Apple device with 160 GB of storage. The iPod Classic comes as a media player that is portable for those of you on the move with busy lives. This was one of Apple’s most successful release with millions sold and grandly contribute to Apple’s majesty. There were many issues with this model like broken screens, headphones not working, not powering on, charging port problems, failed hard drive and many others faults. Here at iPhone repair Leeds we excel at the most difficult repairs and love challenges, it is second nature for us.

We cover the whole of Leeds and have customer from all over west Yorkshire, the most common faults are broken screens and faulty batteries so most customers will just make an appointment at Apple and buy another but its alto cheaper and convenient to visit iPhone repair Leeds and get your precious iPod repaired within minutes with our Express service.

We are iPod repair specialist covering the whole range from Classic to iPod Touch’s with every generation of parts in stock. Our technicians are renowned and the best in the industry with repairs carried out in a matter of minutes we strive at excellence and love repairing the iPod Nano as we have 1000's of their repairs under our belt.

We have replaced screens, batteries, charging ports, headphone jacks, LCDs and logic boards. Our crack team of technicians can do level 3 repairs on logic boards inc. iPod Classic replacing IC’s and replacing power chips.

We have one of the best track records for iPod Classic repairs in the Leeds / Bradford area with a turnaround time of 30 minutes on most repairs, call in at your convenience it’s a walk in service let us take care of your beloved device.