iPod 5 Repair Leeds

  Screen £90

  Charging Port £45

  Battery £35

  Microphone £50

  Speaker £45

  Home Button £35

  Power Key £45

iPod Touch 5th Generation

We are passionately versed into the art of iPod Touch 5 repairs, and we cover the whole of the West Yorkshire Area. Your iPod Touch 5th Gen is in the best hands when booked in for any type of repair with our team of technicians, Apple products are our speciality.

Our state-of-the-art repair lab has all the latest technology to take the most strenuous repairs. Our promise to our customers is we will fully repair your device back its original condition like it has just rolled out of the conveyor belt at the Apple factory in Shanghai, China. All our parts sourced by our overseas purchasing department, they are meticulous in their quality check ensuring we receive original high quality parts every time.

We have an exceptional track record for Apple repairs meticulously crouching through over 10,000 of them every year evolving and enhancing our skills with every repair.

Our most common repair with the iPod Touch 5th Generation is replacing the front LCD and touch screen assembly, on other occasions we also replace charging ports, batteries and speakers when necessary. When replacing the screen on the iPod Touch 5, our technicians' cosmetic skills and knowhow kicks into operation and due to the knowledge acquired with its predecessor the iPod Touch 4. The usual common problem were all related to the adhesive applied to the device to form the bond keeping the screen from lifting and tearing the Wi-Fi antenna and the touch screen ribbon. This has been mastered and rectified by our technical team who must have corrected these failed attempts by the run-of-the-mill shacks scattered around Leeds claiming they are repair specialist but running customer devices. If you would like to read about the repair procedure on this device on this device just click back to the iPod Touch 4th Gen page where we have described the repair process in full detail.

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We offer a 12 months warranty with our precision repairs, there is no need to make an appointment prior to calling in, we also stock original Apple parts and guarantee outstanding workmanship. Your faulty device will be resurrected to its former glory within the hour.