iPod 4th Generation


Your device enticed with our elite team in a cutting edge repair lab will result in the resurrection of you precious iPod.
ipod touch 4 repair leeds

We offer an iPod repair service for the Leeds and West Yorkshire Area, The majority of iPod devices currently in circulation in Leeds are the 4th generation iPod touch's. While these are particularly pleasing to the eye, they were not built with durability in mind, a common complaint from our customers is that the glass breaks a little too easily. The 4th generation iPod screen replacement is a little different to IPhone screen repairs in that the digitiser and LCD are held in place by an adhesive that is applied at factory. A great majority of shops struggle with this repair for this reason, not just any adhesive can be used to hold the screen in place and we are regularly required to put right botch jobs performed elsewhere. We can show you examples of our work when you visit our store.

ipod touch 4 repair leeds

Our approach to this repair while very quick (comes with lots of practice) is probably very alien to your run of the mill repair shop, we understand very precisely the specific temperature required to loosen the adhesive, our use of a hot plate allows this kind of granularity when removing the broken screen. After the screen is carefully prised away we ensure no micro tear will be introduced into your WIFI antenna, (unskilled technicians will generally tear the WIFI antenna). We use an undocumented method to remove the internal metal plate without the using any risky manoeuvres involving scraping a screw driver under it to cut the glue, we cleanly remove it the first time and without introducing internal damage to your device.


Once we are ready to reassemble another pitfall many amateur repairers will trip over is what to do about a bent steel frame, doing nothing is out of the question as that will mean the new glass will not sit flush, and eventually lift away and even fall off. We use an industrial grade vice and milling machine to carefully realign the bent housing, once we are satisfied it is straight we are ready to start sealing the device, many shops will just use adhesive strips, apply them willy-nilly and hope the screen does not fall off. We are loathe to apply this kind of corner cutting on our customers coveted iPod. Our approach is always to ensure no light leaks from the sides, a completely airtight seal, and no raised edged. If we are at all unhappy with the seal in any way, we will always dismantle and start again. Yes we are very fervent when it comes to doing things right.