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Servicing The Yorkshire Area For Over 20 Years

12 Months Warranty

Competitive Pricing

15 Minutes Repairs

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We offer all types of iPhone repairs for our customers based in Kirkstall. We are a few minutes drive from Kirkstall Abbey on the A65 heading towards North Leeds. Can you believe another iPhone Repair shop has popped up in Kirkstall but let us give you some facts before using these fly by night butchers with inadequate techniques and tools... There are many companies offering repairs to mobile phones, tablets, computer, laptops, macs, etc…

But we have a tailored solution that is far more superior than any other fly-by-night stores based around the Kirkstall Bridge Shopping Centre. We would describe ourselves as a beacon of light shinning through darkness grinding through repairs with extreme precision. We are only a couple minutes drive from Kirkstall and offer a free dedicated car park.

What seperates us from the competition

  • We now offer an extended "no quibble" 18 months warranty on all iPhone screen repairs.

  • We have the edge with our sharper skills, expertise & 12 years experience.

  • We only use original iPhone Screens for our repairs and guarantee a perfect fit every time.

  • We offer an expert screen replacement within 15 minutes with no prior appointment.

  • Our crack team of technicians are renowned in the industry for quality workmanship.

  • We have our own free car park and there is ample free street parking surrounding our store.

Kirkstall is small town and through road. Over 90 percent of the retail stores in Kirkstall do not have any parking space as most of the area is covered by double yellow lines. There are a few iPhone Repair shops in Kirkstall and we can guarantee you they are on double yellow lines with no parking whatsoever.

With our flagship store in the largest village in Europe, we have our own dedicated car park, and ample free on road parking.

Your One-Stop Repair Centre

Only 1 mile away from Kirkstall

All our awarding repair work is carried out in store, we stock all major parts for all repairs. We can repair iPhones, iPads, Macs, Laptops and computers the same day. Our expert technicians are level 3 trained and are known in the repair industry, thus other local repair outlets are continuously bringing difficult repair work to ourselves from their own stores.

We are by far the only company you want working on your precious devices, with years if experience and expertise, we flourish with the most difficult of repairs. Compared to the Apple Store our prices are extremely reasonable and all our work is backed by a 12 months warranty.

We can replace batteries on all devices a few minutes, replace screens in under 10 minutes. We stock all Apple parts and have been in the repair industry for the past 20 years.

All our Kirkstall customers are entitled to a 25% discounts on advertised repairs.

Discover our store

Beware who you use

Tell-tales of poor quality repairs...

We have staff members and technicians who are absolutely shocked with some of the repairs and workmanship that comes in from the surrounding areas of Leeds. We carry out correction repairs daily and are disgusted at terrible condition of devices we encounter on a daily basis. We do offer a discount for correction work so please call in and discuss these issues with one of our expert technicians or sale representatives.

Many companies out there offer repairs that can cause irreparable damages resulting in all types of faults:


Poor quality replacement screens can blow the display integrated components and burn out the backlight of your iPhone. It can also cause other faults such as ghost touching, intermittent touch, and freezing.


Damage to the home-button can cause faults with the charging port, draining batteries and the iPhone becoming extremely overheated.


The incorrect assembly of the proximity sensor can result in the phone overheating as well, the speaker/ earpiece reduction in volume and a draining battery.


Most stores buy the cheapest quality batteries available on the market, we only use the highest quality replacement batteries and original Apple replacement batteries you can choose to opt for at a little extra cost. Using poor quality batteries can cause your phone to restart randomly and burn out after a prolonged use.


Using staff or technicians that are unskilled will for sure cause serious issues with your devices, please be aware. Do not make any hasted decision on the choice of repair shop.

Please be aware of mobile phone shops that use google to flood their listing and website partners with positive but fake reviews. These are the one's to be aware of. Many of these faults may have no instant detrimental effect on your handset but after a few weeks of use your handset will begin to behave sporadically and will manifest over time, we offer quality, peace of mind and longevity for your precious devices.

We also do iPad Repairs!

Screen Repair Prices Regular ( 4.7" ) Plus ( 5.5" )
iPhone X P.O.A  
iPhone 8 £85 £100
iPhone 7 £85 £100
iPhone 6S £75 £90
iPhone 6 £65 £80
iPhones 5, 5C, 5S £50  
iPhone SE £65
Only 5 minutes away from Leeds Uni's campus

Let us impress you with our super fast service with minimal down time and precisely targeted fault resolutions. We have a huge store, one of the largest of its kind in the U.K. that is amazingly located near Kirkstall for your convenience.

We are one of the only store in Yorkshire that offer a complete repair solution for water / liquid damage handset and logic/motherboards repairs. Our store is fully equipped for perfection with the latest high-tech equipment combined with solid veteran technicians.

There are many routes in to Kirkstall. From our store based on the A65 (Kirkstall Road / New Road Side). You can simply walk from Kirkstall to Horsforth, usually less than 20 minutes. A taxi or a car would take you less than 5 minutes (Just a few minutes drive from the Abbey and Kirkstall Bridge Shopping Centre).

We are a VAT registered company with over 25 years experience.

Our technicians take an unorthodox approach with all iPhone repairs treating each individual repair with the care and attention it requires. Our award-winning restoration programmes are an excellent choice not to mention our 24 hours express service that was only available to our cooperate clients is now available to the general public, we promise to have your precious device turned around as fast as humanly possible. Please call into our store or call 01132591500 and a representative will be happy to assist.